We are a diverse collective of midwives and healers with extensive, varied experience committed to serving a wide range of women and their families.

Our midwives provide comprehensive primary maternity care.  This includes prenatal, labor & birth, postpartum and newborn care, and lactation support.  Some of our midwives also provide pre-conception counseling, well-woman care, transgender health care, insemination services, massage and placenta encapsulation.    All of our midwives attend births both at home and at the center.

The Bay Area Midwifery Birth Center has multiple birth and treatment rooms, a large birth suite with a built-in tub, a kitchen, and meeting spaces for group prenatals, parent groups, and childbirth education.

We also have acupuncturists, herbalists and massage therapists offering services at Bay Area Midwifery (BAM).

For more information please contact one of our individual midwives:

Laura Perez, CPM, LM  (415) 846-8950

Pearl Yu, CPM, LM (415) 516-7606

Sara Flores, CNM, NP  (415) 806-5089  http://www.reclaimmidwife.com

Treesa McLean, CPM, LM  (510) 427-5487  http://birthwithtreesa.com/